Happy Summer !

cropped-tumblr_mpzypagsGF1stn5u3o1_1280.jpgHappy Summer Everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone.

I’ve been away working on life and career and have neglected this blog for so long.  I want you to know I’ve read each and every comment and email and want to thank you for you kind words to me.

Shame on me for slacking on my sewing, now that summer is here and I am off from teaching for the next few weeks I can tackle my “To Do” list and actually finish the projects I started.

Lots of love,


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Virtual Yard Sale


Happy Saturday Morning!

I’m having a virtual yard sale on FB

The contents of this box will start going up for sale at 12pm EST

Today, Saturday February 26, 2015

You can find the link to the group on my side bar on my FaceBook Page.

See you then!

18th c. Red Stays


Can’t remember why I had to stop work on my 18th c. Stays. I hink it had to do with a heavy work schedule and the holidays approaching.  Nevertheless, here we are almost at the end of February and I’m picking up this most important project once again.

All my 18th c. dresses for Costume College depend on these stays.

I will be using reed and hopefully have enough fabric to make the self binding.

When I tell you I eeked out these stays from a small amount of cotton brocade purchased a way long time ago, I truly did eek out the pattern with a tiny bit left for the binding.

Originally the fabric was white, I dyed it red.  I made a pair of stays out of the same fabric some years ago (will post photos), they were pink and lived a long happy life.

Now, time to get back to the sewing table, I have a lot of cut fabric waiting to be sewn, all depending on these stays being finished this weekend.

Pink Venetian



The Pink Venetian Dress is 95% complete.  There are a few items I need to complete, like a nice neat hem, attaching rings to the sleeve strap so I amy attach the sleeves with organza ribbon.

There are so many things I love about this dress, the color, fabric and the lace on the sleeves.  The Venetian style suits me as well because, the body is boned so no making of a set of Renaissance bodies.

The present camica is only a working garment, there will be a camica made of lightweight linen and eventually a shift for another project I’m considering making a “Sottana.”

A bit of additional research on hair styles will eventually happen.  I need bangs to hide my high forehead.

|| More to Come ||

Happy Holidays




I am on hiatius until spring.

Wishing you all a very lovely Holiday and a Happy New Year.

The Costumers Christmas List

thanksgivingtableImage via PostScriptLove

 detolf-glass-door-cabinet-white__0239895_PE379566_S4Image Ikea USA

antoinette-18th-century-mule-blue-2.jpg-340x340Image AmericanDuchess Shoes.

There are two items on my Christmas list, okay maybe four or five.  However, these two items featured on my blog today are on the top of my list.  I want to display my reenacting accessories in a glass cabinet. You know, tiaras, necklaces, fans, shoes, brooches, half scale models of dresses.  All the stuff any healthy girl with an obsession for all things 18th c. would have laying around.  Tongue in Cheek.

The first is an iKea glass case, it has to  be all glass because I want the items in the cabinet to be the focus.  I had thought of a curio cabinet but will not fit my decor and the ornate wood wold take away from what I want to showcase.  Yes, I used the word Showcase cause I like to look at my pretty stuff  instead of having everything placed in a closet, or bins, or in the basement studio.

Next are shoes from American Duchess.  My collection (hoarding/obsessing) with her shoes will begin at Christmas with my first pair “Antoinette” Im so excited! My drawer which is filled with clock socks are awaiting her arrival Christmas morning.

On the costuming front, Im almost there with the Stays. Oy, binding! But will get it done. Then sewing the dress will begin, the fabric is already cut out, the actual sewing will take place this weekend.  Im going to be brave today and venture out to buy fabric and lace before all hell breaks loose on Black Friday.  I want to be snuggled in my studio happily sewing while watching Christmas movies on Amazon Plus.

I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a happy and safe holiday.  We are going to an old Dutch inn with friends.  There is a back up plan incase the snow gets too heavy, then Friday is more eating at another restaurant with Family from Brooklyn.  The rest of the weekend for me is devoted to sewing and for V will be devoted to Football.



Progress on the 18th c. Stays



Back section of the 18th c Stays.

Progress on my 18th c. Stays are moving along, tomorrow I will insert the bonging, attach the lining and start the binding process.  Eyelets are another story.

I have next week to finish my stays and dress, hadn’t realized December 7 creeping up on me, thats the day of my event and I don’t even have a cape to wear for the event.  Oy! What was I thinking?  Im committed, involved and deep into this project to not attend.  I may wrap myself in my brown wool fabric if I must.

So many birthdays, parties and holidays stuck right in the middle of 18th c. events.  I’ve never committed myself this much in terms of costuming, but if one wants to get involved one must attend, participate and be present.

Oh and I made a little video just before putting my work away for the night.  Click on my Instagram to the right and you may view it there.

On sewing and creating













When I meet people and begin to talk about my art and the objects I create the usual questions are – Where do you work from and where do you house what you make?  The answers vary. If I create a garment, the piece is usually with the person who commissioned it.  Where I create the piece is a different story. I work from many areas in my home, in the basement I have 360 sq. ft. of space that houses fabric, notations, patterns, dress forms, machines, tools and so on.  Sometimes I work in my living room, usually when Vincent is away on a trip so as not to invade our home with all things sewing.  I have two nooks where I do research, blog and write, it’s a space V created for me just off the kitchen area, the other is a tiny area just off the bedroom where I have lots of natural light which helps when I need to hand sew or to do anything involving good light.

Another question asked  is: What books do you use as reference for sewing?  I use many references for research a lot of online resources via the New York Public Library and my personal library of books.  But, the few books that are always by my side are shown in photos above. These books help in hand sewing, embroidery and in patterning in addition to knowing the history and culture of sewing from my mothers generation, this comes in handy when replicating vintage clothing.

When asked:  What is your most prized possession in your sewing studio?  The answer is:  My mothers small sewing box (photo above). This little box travels with me whenever I go on long journeys, even to Paris.  When I found my moms sewing box in my sisters attic not long ago, I was thrilled to find inside a host of vintage sewing supplies, from needles to awls, a thick sturdy thimble, a tomato and strawberry cushion and sheers that are no longer made.

Thats part of my sewing life, not sure I could live another way.

If you have any questions leave a comment, I’d be happy to answer.

18th Century Stays

A Dress Journal of Sorts


Lightweight Linen used for the lining.


Cotton Brocade originally white, I dyed it red.  A beautiful effect with the white motif shining through.

Work Desk

My work area for hand sewing, the natural light from windows on

my left and right is perfect for sewing by hand.

Some work in progress photos of my 18th c. stays.  It has been a steady stream of sewing this weekend because so many events are upon me regarding the 18th c. I need to get moving on my projects.

It’s a joy working in my new sewing area on my new machine.  The natural light really helps when doing handwork.  Copious amounts of tea and classical music on Pandora brings me into the zone of sewing with a sense of calm.

Here is the run down:

Top Fabric – Red cotton brocade

interlining – white canvas, very sturdy

Lining – lightweight linen

Binding – bias cut from brocade

Boning – Reed

Thread – Silk

Closures – Contemplating grommets or hand sewed eyelets.

Made for – Me

Pattern – Drafted by me

Why? – These stays will serve as the foundation garment for an upcoming dress for an event.

Event – Sinter Klaas Day at Historic New Bridge
Sunday, Dec 7, 2014, 1:00 – 4:00 pm